Friday, 27 April 2012

JAVA interview questions 20

Q191. What happens if an exception is not caught? 
An uncaught exception results in the uncaughtException() method of the thread's 
ThreadGroup being invoked, which eventually results in the termination of the program in which it is thrown. 

Q192. What is a layout manager? 
A layout manager is an object that is used to organize components in a container. 

Q193. Which arithmetic operations can result in the throwing of an Arithmetic Exception? 
Integer / and % can result in the throwing of an ArithmeticException. 

Q194. What are three ways in which a thread can enter the waiting state? 
A thread can enter the waiting state by invoking its sleep() method, by blocking on I/O, by 
unsuccessfully attempting to acquire an object's lock, or by invoking an object's wait() method. It can also enter the waiting state by invoking its (deprecated) suspend() method. 

Q195. Can an abstract class be final? 
An abstract class may not be declared as final. 

Q196. What is the Resource Bundle class? 
The ResourceBundle class is used to store locale-specific resources that can be loaded by a 
program to tailor the program's appearance to the particular locale in which it is being run. 

Q197. What happens if a try-catch-finally statement doesnot have a catch clause to handle an exception that is 
thrown within the body of the try statement? 
The exception propagates up to the next higher level try-catch statement (if any) or results in the program's termination. 

Q198. What is numeric promotion? 
Numeric promotion is the conversion of a smaller numeric type to a larger numeric type, so that integer and floating-point operations may take place. In numerical promotion, byte, char, and short values are converted to int values. The int values are also converted to long values, if necessary. The long and float values are converted to double values, as required. 

Q199. What is the difference between a Scrollbar and a ScrollPane? 
A Scrollbar is a Component, but not a Container. A ScrollPane is a Container. A ScrollPane handles its own events and performs its own scrolling. 

Q200. What is the difference between a public and a nonpublicclass? 
A public class may be accessed outside of its package. A non-public class may not be accessed outside of its package. 

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