Thursday, 26 April 2012

JAVA interview questions 12

Q111. What is the difference between the Font andFontMetrics classes? 
The FontMetrics class is used to define implementation-specific properties, such as ascent and descent, of a Font object. 

Q112. How is rounding performed under integer division? 
The fractional part of the result is truncated. This is known as rounding toward zero. 

Q113. What happens when a thread cannot acquire a lock on an object? 
If a thread attempts to execute a synchronized method or synchronized statement and is unable to acquire an object's lock, it enters the waiting state until the lock becomes available. 

Q114. What is the difference between the Reader/Writer class hierarchy and the 
InputStream/OutputStream class hierarchy? 
The Reader/Writer class hierarchy is character-oriented, and the InputStream/ OutputStream class hierarchy is byte-oriented. 

Q115. What classes of exceptions may be caught by a catch clause? 
A catch clause can catch any exception that may be assigned to the Throwable type. This includes the Error and Exception types. 

Q116. If a class is declared without any access modifiers, where may the class be accessed? 
A class that is declared without any access modifiers is said to have package access. This means that the class can only be accessed by other classes and interfaces that are defined within the same package. 

Q117. What is the SimpleTimeZone class? 
The SimpleTimeZone class provides support for a Gregorian calendar. 

Q118. What is the Map interface? 
The Map interface replaces the JDK 1.1 Dictionary class and is used associate keys with values. 

Q119. Does a class inherit the constructors of itssuperclass? 
A class does not inherit constructors from any of its superclasses. 

Q120. For which statements does it make sense to use alabel? 
The only statements for which it makes sense to use a label are those statements that can enclose a break or continue statement. 

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